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The Process of Sculpting Marble and Stone:

There are several different ways to approach a stone sculpture project.  You can sculpt in clay to work out anatomy/design problems or explore ideas and then translate that figure in stone.  Many artists use a pointing tool to follow the contours of a model and very diligently trace the tip of this tool along all of the highs and lows of the sculpture with a corresponding pointer on the block of stone--chiseling out the block until they match.  This is a very time consuming and mechanical process taking enormous skill and concentration.  Stone blocks can be carved directly without using this time tested copying tool.  Working directly in stone the sculptor finds the material properties so different from clay that literally the two cannot truly mirror each other.  That is if you can harmonize your efforts in accordance with the limitations and benefits that stone presents you.  Working directly in the stone can be very liberating and exciting but you have to be willing to accept what emerges at the end of this process.  You can't put the pieces back on and start over like clay.

Mythic hero shown in art gallery Pearl District.

Learn The Art Of Stone Sculpture:

I use charcoal or graphite pencils to draw on the stone relief panels to layout a design and then spray the drawing with lacquer or artist fixative to preserve it. This will hold up even in the rain.  You can also draw on a block of stone but you'll have to translate those lines to all sides of the stone to guide you on opposite sides of your initial sketch.  Using sandbags on the ground or on a slab will allow you to tip the stone block around allowing you greater access to all the features and bring you closer to the work.  Don't be afraid to make a mistake.  Eliminate distractions and feel the stone beneath the chisel.  Don't get in a rush.  A stone sculpture will be around for centuries so it should take some time to make it.

12th century depiction of seated queen on throne

The Woman of Autun

Upcoming low relief stone sculpture!