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The Conservation Lab

A Division of Jones Sculpture Studio

2516 NW 29th Building #5 Portland, Or 97210


Open Monday Through Friday 8a-5p

We accept all major credit cards. Expert, affordable repairs.

Complete line of art conservation and antique repair services. Easy shipping for out of state customers. Gauranteed pricing and expert packaging to ensure you artwork is returned safely.

Walk ins welcome to our Industrial art space, easy parking on the street with no meters, no lines, no crowds, no fuss.

Zell Brothers Clock Restoration for TMT Development.

If you have a painting or frame you want evaluated and restored please follow this link.

Before And After Photos:

Simon Benson House at Portland State University. 19th Century Italian Alabaster Globe Lamp. Restored Alabaster Lamp turned on a lathe and carved. Assembled Italian Alabaster Lamp Globe. Beautiful Stone Lamp Bronze Disease Conservation Project on Bronze Goddess. Bronze Disease conservation after treatment. Professor V. Seifert Bronze Fire Restoration. Sieffert Bronze fire restoration.

Image of time worn Holy Family sculpture. Picture of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Picture of bad repair done by previous restorer. Picture of a Bronze Sculpture Restoration. Bronze Pheasant lamp with a broken tail. Sculpture Restoration in Portland Oregon. Cleaning of Oil Paintings. Image of an oil painting being stripped of smoke and oil residue.

Image of a damaged wooden sculpture. Patched, Repaired, Sealed.

Expert Ceramic and Porcelain Restoration:

Porcelain And Ceramic Bowls, Plates, Figurines, And Statues.

  Porcelain Louigi Fabris Restoration of Leonardo Davinci's The Last Supper

Traditional Kintsugi Gold Solder Repair. We can also explore exciting options in silver, copper, metallics, etc.

beautiful japanese style repair Stoneware bowl repaired using kintsugi.

Marble, Granite, Alabaster/All Natural Stone Sculpture. We have a huge library of stone available to match any style or color.

17th Century Limestone Door Pediment

Wood Carvings, Historic Woodwork, Antiques.

Antique Wood Furniture and Hardware.

Modern Art--fiberglass, Concrete, Plaster Sculptures, Composites etc..

Steel, Bronze, Cast Iron, Spelter And Other Metals.

Concrete And Stone Fountains.

Outdoor Sculpture Installation And Relocation.

The key to our work is research, careful examination of your artwork and knowledge of materials and their physical properties.

Many times pieces are destroyed beyond what would normally be considered repairable. Great diligence and a love for art drives us to find a way to make them live again. Art restoration is an art itself. Without the benefit of knowing the techniques of the original artist it can be a challenge to approach a restoration. A lot of time and research goes in to figuring out how a piece was made before we can arrive at the correct treatment. A primary goal is to preserve the integrity and age of the piece in as much originality as possible. We try to minimize the effects of the conservation and restoration techniques to ensure a long lasting reversible repair.

Monument Restoration and Relocation.

Monument Conservation, Relocation and Repair:

Monument relocation, repair, restoration and conservation. We can move any size monument, prepare foundations, restore concrete and steel supports and help design your corporate art collections and placement. Revolving collections can be archived on site or at our facility. We can help you store your artwork at your facility or have off site storage at ours.

Public monument in Beaverton Oregon of Catholic Saint.

Religious Statuary and Ecclesiastical Restoration:

Outdoor marble statuary needs regular care to prevent serious damage from the elements and man made chemicals in the rain and air. Please don't ever pressure wash your marble statuary. It tears the stone apart. If left too long serious restoration will be needed or possibly replacement. Many sculptures of great value deserve better placement on the grounds to limit exposure.  We can help you with all aspects of your art management.  We can replace missing parts, create pedestals, clean, preserve and install your statuary.  The studio also provides local sculptural services for new statues in marble, granite, limestone and terracotta.

Financing available for conservation programs.