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Jones Sculpture Studio

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Terra Cotta sculptural bust of a young woman.

Marble, Terra Cotta and Bronze Portrait Sculpture

Portland, Oregon stone sculptor Jason Jones produces portrait sculpture to create images of life. Sincerity and a faithfulness to the heart and soul of the subject brings the work to life. Portrait busts are available in terra cotta, marble and bronze. Portraits are typically made from life and with the help of photos. Portrait sculpture is not like a photograph capturing a real life image of you--although it can be very photo realistic. It is an interpretation of the inner you by the artist. A portrait sculpture is the most tangible way to honor someone you love. Rather than a two dimensional image on a wall like a painting or drawing, you have a figure you can walk around that shows all the living aspects of your subject. Memorial portraits are very challenging to make but the process of sharing photographs, stories and working with the artist to create the work to your liking can be very healing and meaningful.

Portraits usually start with wet earthen clay and I build them up by hand over sized for the inevitable shrinkage that will take place during drying and kiln firing. Some clays and firing techniques can result in up to 20% shrinkage. It is a bit of a puzzle to achieve an exactly life sized piece when working with this type of clay but the capacity for earthen clay to hold detail is unparalleled.

Unfinished portrait sculpture of Curtis Salgado famous blues harmonica player. Unfinished bust of Curtis Salgado the blues singer. Another view of Curtis Salgado.

The images above are of an unfinished portrait sculpture in 3 views of Blues legend Curtis Salgado. I've been working with Curtis to Produce this Portrait sculpture from life here in my studio. He's an amazing artist and human being and it has been one of the most enjoyable times of my life building this portrait of this inimitable character. I find him wise, funny, interesting, principled and a real raconteur.

Memorial Portrait bust of a man to be made in marble.
Terra Cotta Memorial Portrait bust made in to marble.

The two images above represent a terra cotta bust made as a memorial portrait and the image directly below it is the same bust being copied in marble. Progress is very slow when making a portrait in stone. The material cannot be replaced once chiseled therefore every move has to be considered with great care.

Portrait bust of Portland Resident Eric Jones. Portrait bust of beautiful young woman. Charcoal Drawing of Mother Theresa. Charcoal Drawing of Rembrandt Self Portrait.

Teracotta portrait sculpture. Portrait of young, serious woman. Image of young actress. Beautiful young woman with amazing hair.

Commission a Portrait Sculpture:

A portrait sculpture can be made in relief, in the round, out of clay, stone, bronze. Each material chosen delivers a different kind of look and feel. You can come to the studio or submit photos if ordering a commemorative piece. After completion of the modeling, usually 6-8 weeks, the clay will have to be dried and fired in a kiln. Once fired color can be applied to achieve your desired finish on the fired piece, now called a terra cotta sculpture, or the portrait can be copied in marble. Contact the studio from the contact link above for more details.