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Jones Sculpture Studio

2516 NW 29th Building #5 Portland, Or 97210


Open Monday Through Friday 8a-5p

Current Sculptures in Marble and Terracotta

Most of the stone sculptures shown below will have to be shipped by a specialist art freight company. The life size statues and monumental sculptures will have to be driven to your location via truck and carefully installed for you as they weigh upwards of 2000 pounds. We will provide delivery to the Western US and parts of Canada. If you live in the mid-west or on the east coast we will contract on your behalf with a local installer to help in the receipt and installation of your sculpture. Please contact me directly at the number above for details.

Dian Goddess of the Moon monumental marble sculpture.

St. Mary with children in Portland, Oregon.

This marble bust above is of Diana the mythic goddess whom I am interpreting as the guardian of nature and the forest. I sculpted this out of Carrara Statuario grade marble. This piece was displayed in Lake Oswego, Oregon from 2012-2014, for the Gallery Without Walls program. It is available and for sale at this time. Please contact the studio at the Contact link above for inquiries.

Carrara Bardiglio marble sculpture of Atlas the mythic Titan.

This figure is the Titan Atlas doomed to hold up the heavens for eternity by the Gods. The sculpture captures the moment of him dropping the "world" from exhaustion and trying to gather the pieces. Not all my figures come from mythology but this sculpture and the one above come from many years of reading and studying the classics--so just a small tribute from me to them done in a modern personal manner.

Terra Cotta nude of woman in kneeling pose.
Terra Cotta Sculpture of woman in thought.

Click on Photos to See Larger Image:

Carrara Marble     A Teracotta portrait of Artemesia Gentileschi.     Thasos Greek marble relief sculpture.     Caeser in marble.
Eagle In Terra Cotta Quail in grey marble

Works In Progress Available For Pre-Purchase Just Click On Photo to Contact the Studio:

12th Century woman from Autun, France.     Carrara marble sculpture of my son.

Classical Contemporary Marble Sculpture:

My sculptures begin directly in a block of marble or a random chunk of stone. I calm my mind and limit the surrounding distractions and begin to carve the block all around just trying to get acquainted with its hardness and graining--its nature. Then as I begin to take away the flat edges and expose contours and masses some things occur to me and I begin to chase after these initial images--sometimes hurriedly. I have gone from start to finish like this in a 3 day period but often I have to abandon these initial impressions as I begin to see a much better figurative shape that wasn't obvious in the beginning, this then is what I work to refine. It is a deeply fulfilling experience for me making it very difficult to stop sculpting some days! Because I don't use a clay model always to copy in the stone my work is more abstract than just purely figurative. There isn't a way to put the pieces back together and start over and I value individual expression.

Carrara marble sculpture of an aging matador.

Commission Clay Sculptures and Stone Carvings:

I use clay to study anatomy and make portrait busts when I am not involved with stone sculpture projects or art conservation practice. When clay is fired it is known as terra cotta and is very durable and amazing--taking a wide spectrum of colorful, extraordinary glazes.

Terra Cotta sculpture of Artemesia Gentileschi the famous Italian painter.

Terra Cotta sculptures are an affordable way to own really ambitious works of contemporary sculpture at a fraction of the cost of natural stone. I look forward to working on something for you. You can contact me through the (Contact The Artist) link above or simply call from the number at the top of this page. My stone carvings run the gamut from architectural elements to figurative classical sculpture and portraits. Marble is my preferred stone but there are many places where granite is the right answer.