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Jones Sculpture Studio

2516 NW 29th Building #5 Portland, Or 97210



Open Monday Through Friday 9a-5p

And Saturday 12p to 4p

Stone Sculptor Jason Jones in Portland, Oregon

Turned alabaster bowls made on my lathe glowing with serene light and energy.

Turned alabaster bowl made by stone sculptor Jason Jones.

Dian Goddess of the Moon monumental marble sculpture.

Italian statuario marble carved into a monumental bust of the mythic goddess Diana the Huntress.

St. Mary with children in Portland, Oregon.

Terra cotta relief panel made for St.Mary's Catholic School Portland, Oregon.

Carrara Bardiglio marble sculpture of Atlas the mythic Titan.

This figure above is the Titan Atlas doomed to hold up the heavens for eternity by the Gods. The sculpture captures a moment he might have dropped the "world" from exhaustion and how he would gather the pieces.

Sculpture of the Virgin Mary in terra cotta.

Sculpting the human figure in clay. Making a relief sculpture for a private collector.

Upcoming marble sculpture of a 12th Century French Queen.

12th Century woman from Autun, France carved in marble.    

Marble Sculpture Modern Statues

Clay sculpture of a woman.

Statues Carved In Stone