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The Conservation Lab

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My Life as a Sculptor in Portland, Oregon and a New School of Art

I work with my hands everyday, sculpting, making things and fixing things. I study art history, materials, restoration, art conservation, the history of painting and sculptors from around the world and throughout history. I was born in Northern California in 1969. I am a happy father and husband with a 14 year old son and a 1 year old daughter. I live and work now in Portland, Oregon but sell my work all around the nation and sometimes in Europe. I've been sculpting seriously since 2000. What began as a logical continuation of my developing interest in handwork and historical craft has turned into an all consuming passion.

I am a self taught artist. I would not recommend anyone else doing that. If you have the opportunity you should find an able teacher to learn from. It is just too hard to do alone and you will likely lose suffer. I was definitely a purist regarding using traditional techniques to do stone work. I now believe power tools when used correctly can save you from unnecessary toil. In general manufacturing art using technology bugs me quite a bit.

Are we throwing concepts of good or bad. Every piece of art is worthy right? Craftsmanship, labor and honed skill is for bricklayers. The message is what is important. Imagine that trend in the literary world. Imagine you shirk education, you don't like to read, you don't accept the notion there are well written books and poorly written books, and you just go out and write your book and find a way to publish's all about self expression right. That wouldn't be accepted but it is in the sculpture world. They're just trying to make some money. This has been going on so long now I don't think people really care anymore. They are blinded by disillusionment and banality.

It is true that there is no formula. But it can't be that difficult to have good criticism play a role in the creation of meritorious work. Literary criticism has an affect on the writing being published and the themes pursued. Why is it we go weak in the knees when it comes to visual art?

I began quarrying stone in 2012. Working with gigantic 40-60 thousand pound boulders that you can see on my Works in Progress page. I've also begun a greater focus on basalt and all its wonderful characteristics. I'll have more to say about that later including my monument  I completed for the Oregon State Police Fallen Trooper Memorial installed late Summer 2016 in Salem, Oregon!

I am planning a modern stone Atelier here in Portland that is capable of producing great work from a team of sculptors and apprentices and strong enough to be a place for young talent to set as a destination for their art education. My hope is that I can provide a place for serious artists to work and live and also teach if that is the direction they've chosen. This is a lifetime undertaking. In 2012 I moved to an 8000 square foot warehouse studio in NW Portland!

2516 NW 29th Building #5 Portland, Or 97210


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